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Ideas Island was created as a safe haven for creatives. A place made to inspire and motivate people with great ideas to make those ideas happen. Created to give creative people the time and space needed to sit down and focus on their ideas – while at the same time feeling great. And to let them stay on the island without having to pay us anything.

If you get to go, you have the whole island for yourself, so you can be alone with your ideas.

Fredrik Härén came up with Ideas Island because he knows that the best ideas come when you are alone in a relaxing place, which makes private islands perfect for idea generation and  he feels that it is wrong to charge people to stay on the islands. He does not want to make money on your creative process.

Ideas Island is his way of giving back to the world. A way of encouraging creativity. And he is happy to take the cost of running and developing the three Ideas Islands. If you feel the urge to get away to a private island to sit and develop some great ideas, then read the rest of the information here and feel free to apply to be one of the lucky ones that get to go