Ideas Island Vifärnaholme is where Fredrik Härén lets creative people stay for free to work on their ideas during the summer.

Ideas Island Vifärnaholme is a 7,000 sqm big, private island close to Stockholm, Sweden, that you get exclusive access to. Yes, you get the whole island to yourself so that you can focus on finalizing whatever idea you want to make happen.

It has been created to make it as inspiring, relaxing and enjoying as possible to sit and work on ideas. The house is not big (65 sqm), but since the house is located in the middle of the island, it is only a few meters to the water on all sides. The closeness to the water will inspire you.

The house will sleep about 6 people in 5 beds in 4 bedrooms (+ one small guest cabin.) The house is not fancy, but a typical Swedish summer house. It has running water, electricity, washer, heating and water closet etc.

The house might be basic, but the island is magical. It has its own beach, its own dock, plenty of room to run around, and yet small enough to always be close to water. Even though it is one of the 10 most central private islands in Stockholm, the island feels very isolated and secluded once you are on it. In most directions you see nothing but water and trees, yet you always know you are close to civilization.

You get to the island by rowing about 200 meters.