Ideas Island Svanholmen is where Fredrik Härén usually stays and where he holds creativity workshops for private companies. Ideas Island Svanholmen is a tiny private island of just 2,000 sqm. located very close to Stockholm, Sweden. It is perfect for creative people who want an island that is both secluded and yet full of energy. All the boats and ships going into Stockholm pass by the island, close enough to inspire you, but far away to keep your privacy.

The island is home to many different kind of birds, and fittingly enough – since the name of the island is “Svanholmen” – even a pair of Swans live there.

Ideas Island #3 is where Fredrik Härén spends most of his time.

There are a number of small houses on the island and if you add up the floor space on all of them you get more than 100 sqm. The main house is designed by Alexander Lervik and built to resemble a birds nest.

The main house is modern, while the other houses on the island are classic, Swedish summer houses painted in red. (The oldest house is from 1917.) Since the island is tiny there is not running fresh water (only sea water), and only a dry toilet, and all the electricity comes from solar cells. (Drinking water is easily collected in a tap on land after a 3 minute rowing trip in the rowing boat.)

The view from the 40 sqm veranda on top of the main house is magical.

Ideas Island Creativity Workshop by Fredrik Haren

If you are in search of an innovative way to inspire you or your team, then spend time with Fredrik Haren at Ideas Island Svanholmen during the Swedish summer . During the workshop, he will teach you concepts and conduct exercises to help you and your team generate ideas to actualize goals for your company, organization or even your personal life! All of these will be done at Ideas Island Svanholmen – a perfect place for getting great ideas.

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