Ideas Island welcomes guests for 2014

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Ideas Island Svanholmen and Vifarnaholme opens its doors for the guests of 2014 who have been chosen to spend a week on a private island to work on their ideas. Since its conception, Ideas Island’s charm and cause have reached creative people from different parts of the world. Last year, Ideas Island has become a creative haven for people coming from countries like New Zealand, Holland, Oman, Sweden, UK and the Philippines among others.

This year, Ideas Island will once again welcome people from different cultures and backgrounds. From educators, to poets as well as I.T. enthusiasts coming from countries as far as Israel to India, Germany, China, Brazil, London, USA, and many more.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who have submitted their applications for this year. If you wish to apply for the weeks of 2015 or if you know someone who needs a sanctuary for them to work on their ideas, you may do so at

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