The bare peacefulness of Ideas Island will enable the “stimulation vacuum” that city life does not allow us to experience. This will let those fragile ideas and perceptions to emerge, like meditating without the pain in the knees  - Benjamin Joffe, Internet and digital media expert, Plus8star

Staying on Ideas Island really helped me out. One dream that I had for the last 4 years was to make ART, but I was always postponing that. I was “busy” with work, family, girlfriend, playing music, etc etc. Finally I went to your island and I had no excuses. I had the time and mindset to do it. I was just so happy there, feeling so peaceful and inspired. Besides the art thingy that I was doing over there, I had a really deep connection with my inner-creative. I still don’t know how to explain it, but I’ll give a try. First of all, I was very quiet on the island. On the other hand, I was very talkative, but only inside my mind. I had a lot of discussions with myself. It was crazy. I did so many reflections: about happiness, friendship, knowledge, life goals, etc etc. I wrote a diary over there. I was thinking so many stuff that I start to write every single day and I wrote about 90 pages in 14 days. I’ve learned a lot just staying with myself. I’m feeling a better person, not a different one, but a deeper. I put a lot of more value on life now. That’s it. Sorry for the long e-mail. I could write even more actually, but I’m feeling that this is enough. I just want to say thank you. I appreciate your initiative with the Ideas Island. To me this is the project of your life – you should invest a lot on that because it is brilliant. - Gustavo Malucelli, New Media Artist

We are now back from our stay at Ideas Island, and we can not stop thinking about the place! It is not a 5-star hotel: but it is an “all-star-experience”! What we got to experience on your island is something that you can not get anywhere else! Amazing. - Idriz Minnet Zogaj, Memory master

Ideas Island is great to sit down and think but also to be active and to explore…My favorite place on Ideas Island is the look out on top of the island. This place is like oxygen for the mind it inspires to think, exchange ideas and to imagine the future. - Bastian Döhling, The Insight Bureau

It was a long journey from Shanhai to Ideas Island, but as the picturesque island gradually emerge in front of your eyes and the friendly Filipino care takers of the island waiting for you with fresh pressed mango juice and newly grilled squid still smell the freshness of the sea, almost immediately you are convinced that every effect you have made to come here is well rewarded with something you have never experienced before in any other places. It is the contrast of the silence and noise of the island that has left the strongest impression on me on my first visit to the island. Living in Shanghai’s city center, our ears have been constantly filled with all kinds of noises at anytime of the day.f the wind through tropic trees. Sometimes, a fishing boat passing by, stops and offers us some fresh catch of the day. Here on Ideas Island, on a bright sunny day, the only sound that disturbs the tranquility of the stillness is the rustling absolute silence of the nature, our minds get closer to our hearts. We start to hear things that we usually easily ignored: our friends’ life story, our children’s witty comments, the song of the birds , the silent signs of love. But when darkness arrives, the island transforms into an active living zoo. Or is it because our ears start to hear more? At night the jungle underneath our bungalow is filled with life. If there are myth and legend, let it be here: the ocean that five hundred years ago travelled by Magellan, the water that fifty years ago sank the Japanese fleets, now underneath my feet, life on the island entwined my mind with fresh new ideas sparkling with wit and insight. They are suprisingly beautiful. - Kaiemei Wang, Curator, Shanghai