Why go to ideas island?

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Watch this video from a previous guest of Ideas Island and see why she wanted to go to the island and work on her ideas.

A letter to Ideas Island – written by Angel Trinidad

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I miss you already. I dream about you since the last time we saw each other: the moment I first saw you, shining in the distance. Waking up to peaceful mornings, the sun shining on my face (“I woke up in paradise,” I thought to myself.) The ever-present birds keeping me and my boyfriend M company. The lake, the trees, the bluest sky.

Read more at : http://www.angeltrinidad.me/2014/07/02/ideas-island/


Ideas Island welcomes guests for 2014

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Ideas Island Svanholmen and Vifarnaholme opens its doors for the guests of 2014 who have been chosen to spend a week on a private island to work on their ideas. Since its conception, Ideas Island’s charm and cause have reached creative people from different parts of the world. Last year, Ideas Island has become a creative haven for people coming from countries like New Zealand, Holland, Oman, Sweden, UK and the Philippines among others.

This year, Ideas Island will once again welcome people from different cultures and backgrounds. From educators, to poets as well as I.T. enthusiasts coming from countries as far as Israel to India, Germany, China, Brazil, London, USA, and many more.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who have submitted their applications for this year. If you wish to apply for the weeks of 2015 or if you know someone who needs a sanctuary for them to work on their ideas, you may do so at www.ideasisland.com.

All that is left is the toilet

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Our ideas island in the Philippines was hit badly by the Yolanda Thypoon.

All we had built – the house, the tree house, the boats etc- is now gone.

The only thing that survived was the toilet…

So for the time being Ideas Island Philippines is closed.

Time to sign up for Summer 2014!

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The good news: We now have 2 ideas islands in Sweden. In 2013 we bought a second island in Stockholm and we have already had some guests staying. It is an amazing little island just 15 minutes from Stockholm.

It is open from May to September. If you want to get a chance to stay on the island this summer now is the time to apply.

Here is a quote from a guest from last year:

“Ideas Island – where time slows down and creativity speeds up. I came to Ideas Island with a mind full and left mindful.”

(Of course you can also apply to stay on Ideas Island 3!)

New beginning, new website

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Not only did the storm at Ideas Island 1 Palawan inspire us to make more ideas happen, it also inspired us to have a new beginning. Hence, we have now launched a new and updated website! As much as you will enjoy the tranquility of Ideas Island, we hope you also enjoy your stay here at www.ideasislands.com and tell your friends about it! Enjoy browsing! Live the creative life!