Q: Do I really get to stay on the island without paying?

A: We do not charge you anything. (But we do encourage our guests to give some money to a charity that we support. Normally guests give about 1000 USD per week, but if you can not afford that we are fine with less, or even nothing.)

Q: This is too good to be true! What is the catch? (Or: Is this fake?)

A; It is NOT fake. And there is no catch! We have created ideas island in honour of all creative people who have created things that people used to think was too good to be true!

Q: How long can I stay?

A: Normally one week. If you can argue well for why one week is not enough then we might let you stay longer.

 Q: How many people can stay on the island?

A: Between 4 and 6 depending on the island. So it is ok to bring friends. (The $1,000 to charity is per group, not per person.) There will never be other guests on the island, so the only people you will be charing the island with is the friends you bring along.

Q: We want to go on honey moon/vacation/celebrate a birthday etc on your island, will you let us go?

A: No. Ideas Island exists purely to let creative people get away to work on their ideas.

Q: Do I have to cover the cost of going there myself?

A: Yes. You pay for your travel. You pay for the food. You stay for free.

Q: Which charity will I be supporting?

A: In Sweden we support Stadsmissionens work to help the homeless in Stockholm.

Q: How can you offer it for fee? (Or: Why don’t you charge?)

A: Fredrik Härén covers the cost of maintaining, marketing and administrating the three ideas islands. It is, of course, a sizeable amount, but he thinks it is worth it if it can inspire people to work on their best ideas. (And the reason we do not charge is that it would take away all the magic. It would be boring. And, frankly, uncreative.)

Q: How do I get there?

A: If you have sent in a proper application, and if you are selected to get to go, you will get a PDF with all the information you need about the island you will be going to.

 Q: When can I go?

A: The Swedish Islands are open from 1st june to 30th september. The one in the Philippines is closed for now.

Q: What is the chance of me getting to go?

A: At the moment we are very selective with letting people go. We are still learning how to do this and we rather have a few happy guests than to always be fully booked. (Remember, we are not doing this to make money, we actually loose money doing it.)

Q: Will you inform me for your reason for not selecting me?

A: At the moment we do NOT have the resources to reply personally to every email application that we get. We will ONLY reply to you if you HAVE been selected. But we hope to soon have enough manpower to be able to reply to everyone. In the meantime we ask for your understanding.

Q: What is the weather like?

A: Sorry, we do not have time to answer simple questions like this.

(Ideas Island is not a resort. It is not a hotel. We lend out private islands and do not charge for it, so please forgive us for not being able to answer all kind of questions around the islands. If you are serious about wanting to go, please apply and if you get selected you will receive a PDF with all the information you need.

Q: How do you select who gets to go?

A: We look at the kind idea you want to develop. If you and your idea inspire us, we would love to help you bring your ideas to life.

Have more questions? Email us at stay@ideasisland.com