Ideas Island is a project by creativity author and professional speaker Fredrik Härén where he lets creative people stay for free on one of his three private islands so they can work on their ideas.

  • This place is like oxygen for the mind…

    - Bastian Döhling
  • If there are myth and legend, let it be here: the ocean that five hundred years ago travelled by Magellan, the water that fifty years ago sank the Japanese fleets, now underneath my feet, life on the island entwined my mind with fresh new ideas sparkling with wit and insight.


    - Kaiemei Wang, Curator, Shanghai
  • “Amazing! Live scenery with remarkable nature!

    Living being’s best Home! What a place!” 

    - Vinupriya and Mikael Chennai, India
  • Ideas Island beats every getaway, hideaway, escape, retreat etc. that I’ve ever been on.

    - Trudy Fawcett, Organic Food Expert

Get a glimpse of what it’s like to be in Ideas Island. Here is a video of  previous guest of Ideas Island who call themselves the Barefoot Basterds. They are an art collective that come from Brazil, France, Sweden and Switzerland whose ambition is to put their team in extreme environments. Their goal for their stay at Ideas Island was to create art with their bare hands and feet, far away from the computer bullshit.

They ended up doing far more than expected. They created awesome typographic experiments, swam with cute little dolphins and drank the equivalent of an entire load of pirate’s ship rum.

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